Delta Chi History

The Arizona Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity was granted its charter on May 2, 1925.  Over the course of our proud history, we have initiated over 1,700 brothers from our beloved University of Arizona.  

We respectfully acknowledge our chapter’s first president – the honorable Douglas Hosclaw (1898 – 1995).  Brother Hosclaw had numerous accomplishments over his remarkable life.  In addition to his 22-year career in the Arizona state legislature, you will find his name on numerous buildings across campus and in the community.  He is also known for being the author of the official fight song of the University of Arizona, “Fight Wildcats Fight”.  

We are a proud and storied chapter.  Our brotherhood is the gold standard.  Our reach spans the entire nation.  Our loyalty is second to none.  We are the Arizona Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity.