The Bobcats are a highly regarded and prestigious Senior Honorary at the University of Arizona.   The Arizona Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity is proud to have numerous members serve amongst its ranks.

The Bobcats were founded in February 1922 for the purpose of preserving the unity and welfare of the University by always being alert to guide the student body in the right direction. 

The Bobcat Senior Honorary is an organization that evokes pride, honor, and tradition. Since 1922, 13 outstanding seniors have been chosen each year to continue the legacy of serving the University of Arizona by protecting the heritage and traditions of the University. Acceptance into Bobcats is a life-long commitment of support and service to the University.

The Arizona Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity is honored that the following brothers are life-long members of this prestigious group:

1929   Martin Gentry 
1951   Chet Vasey
1954   Ray Hannapel 
1955   Bob Leivan
1956   Mike Keevan 
1957   Jack Dancer 
1958   Andrew S. Swain
1958   Bob Perkins 
1959   Tom McIntosh 
1959   Dave Vance 
1960   Bob Leivan 
1964   Steve Stanton 
1975 - Gordon Bourgeois
1977   Glen Vondrick 
1979 - Jeff Bell

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