Arizona Advisory Board

The Arizona Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT)

 The Delta Chi Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) is a separate group from the Housing Corp (and/or the Tucson Delta Chi Alumni Board) appointed by the International Headquarters office, and consists of five or more alumni members, the chapter “A”, “D” and “BB”.  

 The mission of the ABT is to aid and advise the undergraduate chapter to ensure best practices from their collective experiences, approve budgets, and to guide the local executive officers to help prevent any mistakes made in the past from re-occurring in the future.      The ABT meets monthly and keeps in close contact with the undergraduate officers to ensure knowledge of Delta Chi Law, and adhere to local government, and University of Arizona laws.  

The ABT has no responsibility for Housing or the affairs of the Tucson Delta Chi Alumni Board, other than oversight/approvals of the undergraduate financial operations.   The ABT primarily advises the local leadership in areas such as public relations, recruitment, leadership training, scholarship, new member educations, and more.   Mentorship and serving as role models are key functions of ABT members. 

President, Advisor to “A” (President)
•   Glen Vondrick, Arizona ‘75 

Secretary, Advisor to “C” (Recording Secretary)
•   Rich Freeman, Arizona ‘76 

Financial and Risk Advisor - Advisor to “D” (Treasurer) and “F” (Risk Mgmt Advisor)
•   Trey Granger, Syracuse ‘01 

Alumni Communications, Advisor to “E” (Correspondence Secretary)
•   Mike Bruse, Arizona ‘88 

Local Alumni Advisor, “BB”
•   Chuck Stopani, Northern Arizona ‘88 

Recruitment Advisor
•   Jeff Bell, Arizona ‘76 

Philantrophy Advisor
•   Brayden Tavryzky, Northern Arizona ‘18 

Academics Advisor
•   Ross Nunamaker, Arizona ‘88 

•   Bob Barnitt, Arizona ‘77

Leif Hartwig, Arizona ’74  

•   Scott Hicks, Arizona ’87    

For more information regarding the Arizona ABT or to contact any member of the ABT, please email